Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Newspaper Head Shot

Take a look at that photo.  No, I don't think I look so great in it.  It's OK, I guess.

But it's also my new head shot, to be found on the Wilton Bulletin "about us" page.  A thumbnail-size version will run with all of my stories.

And I love it.


Not long after I started with the paper, it was requested that I put a bio up and get a head shot as well.

Yeah, yeah.  I'll get to it.

Nobody nagged and I let it go, but the email was always there as a reminder.

Then came last Friday, when a bright young photographer, on his first assignment, was out in the field with me.  I had just finished talking with someone outside the Wilton Library when I asked the photo journalist to take my picture.  "Just get me, basically, from the head up."

The photographer, wielding a Nikon camera, was Sean Adams.

Now you can probably guess why I love it.

My bio is typical me: humorous to an extent (with nods to Paul Silverfarb, The Beatles, and Huey Lewis), and a radio mention (though I shouldn't have put "respected broadcaster."  Wow. What the hell was I thinking?).

By the way, Sean took some really nice photos.  There is a shot that he will get one of them printed in this week's Bulletin, though I'm not 100% certain.  After stopping at the library, we drove to Merwin Meadows - a small park in Wilton - and he went to work.  These are some of his better shots.

And what would this be without a picture of the photographer, who of course deserved some time on the playground?

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