Thursday, November 01, 2012

John Iannuzzi For State Rep

This really isn't about politics.  Nope.  John Iannuzzi has been my friend for over a decade.  Last year, he ran for public office in Bridgeport, CT.  This year, he is running for State Representative in the 130th District.

This really isn't about politics for a couple of reasons, most notably, I don't live in Connecticut.  So...I can't vote for him.  Walking the fine line of being a reporter, it's not like I'm endorsing him ( know).

He's a Jets fan (meh).  He's a Yankees fan (my brotha!).  He was my colleague at WGCH, where he was a wonderful news reporter, and an even better political reporter.  That's where he should be, but we know the harsh realities of the biz and of life.  He also blogged about his frustrations over Hurricane Sandy, as he lives in the south end of Bridgeport, which got hit really hard.

I just got an email from him with a link to his TV ad.  It.  Is.  GREAT.  No bashing of his opponent.  Hell, no mention of his opponent.  Just - why is he running and and what he is standing on.  His presence, voice (he's a radio guy, like me), and personality all come across.  Add in his dog and his wonderful wife, Sonni Ann, and you have a fine commercial.

I guess, in closing, let me say that I'm Rob Adams, and I approve this message!

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