Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To Ty

Ty Campbell was a adorable little kid who lived in Pawling, NY.  Sadly, he was, because cancer took him earlier today.  Ever the dutiful reporter, I watched as the first report hit online.  I waited for multiple sources.

The Journal News has confirmed it.  He was five.

His mother kept a blog of the whole story - a document to her son's life.  It is beyond sad.

It brought her and her family attention from many corners of the globe.  Hopefully that provided some kind of a smile.  A way to get through the day.

I only hope for their continued strength now that Ty has gone.

I'm a dad.  That makes this story hit a little closer for me.  But no matter what - father or simply a human being - this story is beyond sad.

Five.  He was five years old.

No matter how you look at it - it just isn't fair.

I'm going to have dinner with my son now, and hug him a little tighter tonight.

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John Meissner said...

Ty's story hit me a bit harder, because my son is only four and there's a history of cancer in my family.

Thanks for sharing.