Thursday, October 04, 2012

In The Greenwich Post

A View From the WGCH Press Box has returned to the Greenwich Post this week, thanks to my friend Paul Silverfarb.  Give it a read.  I'm not giving up on a big turnout Friday night at Cardinal Stadium (pregame show at 6:40 PM on WGCH).  They can chant my name if they want.

PS, I'm quite happy (obviously), that the Yankees have won the AL East again.  I hope it is a big postseason for the Bombers.  I want to like this team, but I just haven't yet.  I also haven't had a lot of faith in this team.

But...despite what people said, I thought the Yankees would win the division all along.  I just didn't (and don't) have a strong belief that they're sticking around for long.  I hope I'm wrong.

Last night's "Clubhouse" show was hysterically fun.  The sponsor wants the show to return in 2013.  I hope it does.  I enjoyed it.

L-R: Rob Adams, Brian Crowell, Billy Condon, Mark Jeffers

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