Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Quick "Press Box" Announcement

I neglected to pass this piece of news along...

"The Press Box" has been extended to two hours!  That's right - since we felt so tight for time in the first two editions of the show, we have been granted a second hour to discuss the world of sports in and around Greenwich.

Now, there's a good news/bad news thing here.  WGCH, if you're not aware, is also a Boston Red Sox affiliate.  This, of course, is bad news for me...just...because (OK, I'm partially kidding).  The bigger problem is that the Sawx play a lot of Monday night games, so we have some scrambling to do.  We're not planning to skip any weeks, but we might have to reschedule to another night or time, or perhaps back down on to an hour.  We're still figuring it out.

Anyway, Chris Kaelin tells me that William Waesche, Paul Macken, and Walker Brady.  They will discuss Greenwich High hockey, as well as GHS lacrosse.  We'll also get into the mens' national championship (maybe the womens' game as well), along with baseball, basketball, hockey, and more.  We've got two hours to work with!

And, I hope I don't regret teasing this, but there is more news coming down the pike...

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