Tuesday, September 06, 2011

People Need to Find Better Things to Do

Greenwich Time photo
This is Cardinal Stadium, home of the Greenwich Cardinals for various sports.

Especially football, which begins in just over a week. In fact, the Cardinals are scheduled to play Ridgefield High School at Cardinal Stadium a week from Friday.

(Shameful note: you can hear that game on WGCH, wherever it may be played. We'll get around to discussing the 2011 version of the broadcast crew at a later time.)

Anyway, Greenwich High has a neighbor named Bill Effros. Mr. Effros has long been a critic of the high school, and was the primary voice being heard against installing lights at Cardinal Stadium. He, in fact, made it quite clear that he had money - lots of it - and was more than happy to spend said greenbacks on lengthy and frivolous lawsuits with the intention of stopping those lights from being installed.

I've still never gotten that. Ever. My hometown - Mahopac - has its high school in a residential neighborhood. It has lights. It hosts many night games, including the sectional championships. Other schools are in residential areas. They have lights.

Incidentally, Staples and Darien don't have lights, and probably never will, for the same reasons that Mr. Effros tried to keep them out.


Anyway, it's looking somewhat doubtful that the 2011 season opener will be played at GHS. Neil Vigdor has the details in the Greenwich Time. In Neil's article, Greenwich coach Rich Albonizio is quoted as saying:
"Between me and my predecessor, it's been 40 years and neither one of us has turned green yet"
A fairly innocuous quote, if you ask me. A throwaway line used to indicate that, through a lot of games played at that site, nobody has come down ill - at least not to anyone's knowledge.

This just in...I can think of a broadcaster who has called a lot of events from there. And I haven't turned green!

Well, this got Bill Effros's dollar bills in a bundle. The always solid Greenwich Roundup has his latest invective.


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