Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Linky Dinks Needs to Play Catch Up

So much to do. So little time.

Football is being played literally everywhere else across the USA.

Except Connecticut. Finally, we begin on Friday. I say "we" because, barring anything, I'll be behind the mic again with most of my usual crew (Sean Kilkelly being relegated back to the studio, and my friend handled it with class and grace. Enough said.).

UPDATE: Ummmm...yeah...about that last part? Not so fast. Check your local listings. That is all.

Yet starting Friday is fortuitous for Greenwich High, who probably wouldn't have been able to play a home game any earlier. Cardinal Stadium has been cleared for liftoff (Greenwich Time).

The Department of Public Health held a meeting at Greenwich High School to discuss the soil problems. Neighbor Bill Effros, who pushed for the right to attend, was a no-show (Greenwich Time).

Staying in Greenwich, Charles Costello notes that the High School did a fine job of remembering the events of September 11, 2001.

Anybody hungry? How about a Cardinal Cupcake (Greenwich Patch)?

Politically, Kenn Tomasch feels like I do. Just...done.

From Richmond, VA, great friend Jon brings us two more vintage photos. The first one is of some of the flooding on Broad St from Hurricane Agnes (which would lead Jon and I to a discussion of the good old days of working at Sears in the Jefferson Valley Mall - but I digress). Of note to me...what else? The signs! My road friends will certainly be intrigued.

Jon's second pic is of Boulevard (not THE Boulevard, mind you) at Parker Field - Richmond's ballpark at the time. Funny to see this given what it looks like now.

I have one more link, but it deserves its own entry...

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