Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Flashback

I was rolling through some audio tonight for another project (a story for another time) when I came across perhaps my favorite spot - ever. This might not sound like much, but it was a fairly humorous night at the height of WGCH Sports busy days.

I was given a talk show in late 2002. Not a sports talk show, of which I was working on three or four by that point, but a general topic show. So with that in mind, after finishing another "Press Box" show (or whatever we were calling it at the time), we hit the production studio to record a promo. As I recall, I was actually given the name of the show by then-Program Director Don Russell (a fine radio man, RIP) earlier that day on the air.

The idea was to have it be a commercial about a recording of a promo. Mark Rosen served as the "engineer", Sean Kilkelly was the "producer/radio exec", and Tom Pollina was the "cheesy announcer" (listen closely to way he says "maybe even sports"). I made a video out of it, with some pictures taken during that time.

It was one of those ideas that just worked, and I loved it.

Those were some fun times. I listened to a lot of audio, including the ultra-rare collectors' edition: the only promo for the show we did called "Sports Weekly." It's rare because the show had the name changed immediately after the first show as an over-officious exec (or whatever she was) told us we couldn't use that name based on some foolish copyright thing that never existed. So we went back to "Coach's Corner." Yeah...

"The Press Box" soon became the name. I still like that one.

I laughed at so many of these great old spots. If only it was a little easy to store audio and put it on the ol' bloggo.

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