Saturday, March 01, 2014

Back to It

The Winter Garden in Ridgefield
Things around (yes, Hersam Acorn Radio) are these days.

For one, we have moved over to Backbone Networks and are happy to do so. There's a bit of learning curve but it will all work out fine.

For another, we started a new show for you outdoors people. My friend John Kovach has thrown his line into the water for Yankee Fisherman. As he is a Mets fan, the show name is a little surprising. Don't expect to host anything with "Met" in the title as payback.

Then we have another storm. Less I say, the better.

Lastly, my dance card is beyond full with sports games to call. Between now and March 23, I will call too many to count. Some will be phenomenal, some will not. Simply the nature of the beast.

I love calling championship games, and I think it is an honor to do so. I had the pleasure of doing the FCIAC girls basketball championship on Thursday night. While sitting in the stands is a bit of a bummer (just different to call games from there), there's nothing to not like about a packed gym and two teams giving it their all.

And if all of this isn't enough, I should acknowledge that Sean turned 12 last Sunday. Time flies, blah blah blah. I cherish the time with the kid, and goodness knows I don't get enough of it. I feel badly about dragging him from game site to game site but I am happy to have him there.

Well, seriously, that's about all of the time I have. I hope things settle so that I can write just a little more, because I don't want to give it up. I do enjoy doing this, as in the back of my mind, I always loved the idea of writing a column, and hope to add that to mix as well (and, of course, still here at your favorite destination).

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