Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Sign Picture (or Two)

No, I haven't forgotten about the roads and sign pics. I haven't had a working camera since last July, when my camera got damaged somehow.

I still have to find out what the nice people at Panasonic will do.  Alas.

But I have an iPhone, so that helps a lot.

I noticed that the DOT put up some new signs around Ridgefield, including one just up the block from the home office of HAN Radio. I took a walk and grabbed the new one, which is at the top of the post.

In a different time, Connecticut route 102 turned to the right to end at the New York State line. It also continued ahead and then turned left to go to Georgetown.

Now it only does the latter. Hence the sign.

For comparison purposes, I found the picture that I took of the same location last year (from a different angle).

And that's that.

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