Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Asperger's Thing

***Honestly, I tried to find an appropriate picture to put at the top of this post.  There wasn't one.

In the days since the tragedy of Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a certain amount of attention has been given to Adam Lanza* having Asperger's Syndrome.  That, for many, seemed to be the short, simple answer.  "Oh, he did what he did because of Asperger's?  Makes' sense."

Except, simply, it doesn't.  Perhaps you knew that when you first heard that explanation.  Personally, it made no sense.  There's no connection.

*I saw where Anderson Cooper felt it was duty to not report the name of the killer.  He would only say the name once - twice, maybe!  Gee.  How noble.  What tough-guy journalism!  What a stand!  Blech.  I then turned the channel.

Without getting further off-topic, please (and I can't encourage you enough) read this column from Jeff Pearlman.  It's outstanding, and only a shame that Reader's Digest never ran it originally.

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