Thursday, December 20, 2012

Perspective, Chapter Infinity

I was recently in a McDonald's in Pleasant Valley, NY.  Sure, we can debate my awful culinary choices, but it really wasn't about that.  I was there to get an ice tea for Lisa.

But it was happened after that that appalled me.

I stepped away from the counter and was preparing to leave when I heard another customer beginning to stir up a ruckus.  He berated the staff and management, ultimately asking for his money back.

The offense?  They forgot to give him some extra sweet and sour sauce.

I mean, seriously.

In the dining area, the noise was enough that not only could everyone hear it, but some got out of their seats to go see the person.  The reaction ranged from head-shaking to muttering.

A guy in a Steelers hat (fine human being, he) caught my eye.  All we could do was think of what went on a mere 50 miles or so away.

Of course, Newtown.

Let's be real here.  You're going to act like a straight-up ass, demand your money back, and say you're never going to eat there again over...sweet...and...sour...sauce?  Think about that.  You've embarrassed yourself.  Have you no ethics?  Scruples?  A clue?  Or are you just standing there, with your hat on backwards, Bluetooth in your ear, thinking that the fine people just trying to do a hard-day's work at McDonald's are there simply for your freaking McRib?  Shall they also serve it on fine China?

It's easy to understand and say the guy had a bad day.  Sure, we're all entitled to a brain cloud and go off the highway just a tad.  But there are limits.  To me - to anyone - he surpassed that limit.

I think the mere fact that we were all so shocked at his behavior kept each person there from accosting him.

In the days after what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, how could anyone not simply pause and grab reality?  I hated seeing the Steelers lose to the Cowboys Sunday night, but let's face it: I didn't play in the game.  I had no vested interest in it other than being a fan.  And given the circumstances, who freaking cares?  Even I could admit that it...was...a...GAME.

It's the holidays.  Hug a child.  A loved one.  Spend time with a friend.  Do charity work.  But do NOT go off on some poor person at McDonald's because you didn't get some extra condiment.

Just crawl back into your hole.  Now.

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