Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Doc Emrick

It has long been acknowledged that Mike "Doc" Emrick is the best voice in the NHL (on the American side).  Indeed, he is the best play-by-play voice in hockey.  Of course, one must also know that I consider him to be the best - period, if not the best ever.  There is no doubt that Doc has entered into the rarefied air of my favorite play-by-play announcers.  So we're talking in the stratosphere - right near Vin Scully.

Anyway, I'm working on a new opening to "The Press Box" that will feature well-known play-by-play calls and removes the Ryan Kelly interception return (called by me) that we've used since the shows inception.  The only reason I'm changing it (to be honest) is because that play happened over a year ago.  I could have gone - quite frankly - with the Austin Longi play from Thanksgiving.

Instead, I decided to mix it up.  Each guy got to pick a call.  As for what the final product will sound like, you'll have to listen.

But while looking for some Doc audio, I stumbled across this.  How did I miss it?  Deadspin, take it away!

And while we're at it, here are some of Doc's best.

I saw another video that was all about 10 broadcasters, essentially, losing their "stuff" on the air.  Then I heard it included Gus Johnson and that goawful "May Day" call, and I decided against posting it.  I value a certain friendship.

Yet I'm trying to be nicer and not be as harsh as I am on play-by-play announcers.  I don't think I can ease up on Gus - just not my style - but I'm trying to be kinder and gentler.  Plus I've been told that I'm, essentially, a hater.

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Bruce Figler said...

Doc is great...But are you old enough to remember the late great Dan Kelley? (CBS & the St. Louis Blues)He too belongs in the conversation!