Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ode to the Road (NY Route 22 - With VIDEO)

My Aunt Nina lives in Dover Plains, and we did the drive up to see her and my grandmother too many times for me to count. To do so, that meant eventually getting on New York State Route 22, the main drag on the eastern edge of the state. The route begins its journey in The Bronx at US 1 and climbs over 300 miles to just short of the Canadian border, where it now ends at US 11.

Note: it did go all the way to the border until 2008. This kind of truncation will never make sense to me. I digress.

I can't say I've driven the entire length of 22, though I've driven a fair share, from the southern terminus to Essex, where we caught the ferry to Vermont.
 So back to my Aunt Nina.  She emailed me a link to a video that musical artist Chris Cassone made for the song, "Route 22."  The song is pretty good, and I discovered that the album it is on was recorded in Mahopac (that's my hometown - once and again) and Patterson (another Putnam County town).  The video was filmed throughout the region, with an emphasis on Amenia (up in Dutchess County).

They also included footage of the Red Rooster in Brewster, a beloved Putnam County stop.  I would add that a trip to the Texas Taco in Patterson is essential also!

Cool stuff.  Enjoy it.  It's linked here.


Georgia Road Geek said...

Damn, that video had me rockin', dude!!!

Makes me "jones" for a trip up the New York ROADS!!! :)

Thanks for sharing, Rob.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris- Love your video. Amazing Kizmet!! My name is Kate Greer and I am shooting a short road film in Sept in Wassaic and Amenia and will have a very specific shot of the route 22 sign in our film. How cool I found this tonight. If you want to know more about the shoot, please visit! -Congrats!!-kate greer.