Thursday, April 29, 2010

Movin' Out (With VIDEO)

An obvious Rule 55 for you, as I sit in an otherwise empty house, except for Sean and Fred.  One last car load is packed, and I'll finish things up in the morning.

Sean and I decided we would "camp out" for the last night here, so we inflated our air mattresses, ate pizza while sitting on the counter, and are generally roughing it.  I don't have a pizza cutter or any cutlery, so we just ripped it apart.  Tomorrow we'll take a walk to the bagel place for breakfast.

It is all slightly reminiscent of the night his mother and I moved into our first apartment.  We ate wedges (grinders or hoagies, based on your regionalism) using a box as a table.  It's actually a nice memory.

Tonight won't be such a bad memory either.  We move out, and move on.

Live from Long Island, Mr. Billy Joel.  He's linked here for your pleasure.

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