Thursday, February 15, 2007

When The World is Running Down, You Make The Best of What’s Still Around

Just a castaway; an island lost at sea oh…

OK, Enough Police song references. Much to my shock and even possible chagrin, I got two tickets to see Stewart, Andy and Gordo in August at Madison Square Garden. I suppose if I had my choice, I would have preferred tickets to their Fenway Park show just because I like Boston a lot, and really think Fenway is tremendous. But I got my special Best Buy password for the Garden show, so I’m not going to quarrel. The Wife is now trying to make the effort worth my while and get us a room for a possible NYC getaway.

I’m just glad she’s happy. I actually heard her almost celebrate when I told her that I had them. Almost.

So if you’re in the Northeast, did you enjoy the big storm? Finally we got ourselves a big old blast of winter. A good half-foot or more fell here, and what joy it was to clean it all up. I refused to play the role of martyr and try to get to work, so I didn’t. Ultimately the roads stunk, and White Plains was apparently in bad shape, so I felt I made the right call. OK, we’ve had our fix. Now that’s enough.

Back to the music. After only hearing a little bit of it, I bought the latest CD from The Shins, “Wincing The Night Away.” A very likable CD, though perhaps a bit dark. I’m using one their songs, “Sleeping Lessons” on my MySpace page. That’s not my style to buy a CD like that, but I liked “Oh Inverted World”, their 2001 effort. My homeboy Zach Braff (you know, the “Scrubs” guy) used two songs from that CD on the soundtrack for the movie “Garden State”, so I figured, why not? It seemed like Target (pronounced tar-jay, of course) had it on sale just for me.

In the meantime, I owe some money to Montgomery Delaney, so I can pick up his CD’s. As I said to The Wife today, “You have problems with magazines. I have problems with music.” Consider my iTunes library: 8355 songs and not stopping anytime soon.

The MySpace world really is a fascinating place. Countless men have hit on The Wife, and while I can certainly understand why, what I can’t understand are those who hit on her considering her entry in the “Status” category. It says, “Married.” Enjoy, fellas. As far I know, and as far as she’s telling me, y’all ain’t getting her.

Not say I haven’t had my share of questionable peeps bug me as well. In each case, the people disappear soon after they make their play. In other words, check on the same people a few days later and you’ll see that their account has been deleted. Most of the time with me it is women who want you to check out some illicit site. Funny stuff.

I’d love to tell you that I have more hard-hitting things to conquer, but I don’t. Sure I’ve kept an eye on the Scooter Libby trial, especially since involves journalists, and one of me favorites, Tim Russert, but I can’t get too wrapped up in it. I listen to what Mr. Imus says every morning then put it to sleep.

You have no clue on this, but since I wrote that last paragraph, a little drama has crept into our lives. Everybody’s fine, but I can’t continue. Sorry to be so vague.

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