Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some Things Just Need To Be Seen

A friend of mine emailed a link to me for the video that is below. I'm no fan of Michael Jackson, and have been a fervent critic of his at times for obvious reasons, but I get that he has talent as a singer, composer, arranger, and dancer. Some songs resonate, most don't, and his exploits are nuts. With all that said, check out the video that I've posted below. I have to give this wedding party a lot of credit as they must have rehearsed a lot for this. Looks like they had fun.

In other news, sports is now into the dead zone. The Knicks are playing better, and St. John's is barely on the New York radar, which is horribly sad. How far this program has fallen since the days of Lou Carnesecca. The '84-85 Johnnies who went to the Final Four with Chris Mullin are still my favorite team, with Mullin my favorite player. That's was a fun time for basketball in New York, and it carried pretty much through the end of the 20th Century with St. John's and the Knicks. The Johnnies and I began to fall out of favor when they changed their mascot from the Redmen to the Red Storm.

I mentioned that I will join Don Boyle for Thursday nights call of Greenwich-Darien hockey on SportingNews CT (7:30 pregame). Ah, but I have more. On Saturday, I will call Notre Dame of Fairfield versus Fairfield Prep (two of the top teams in Connecticut) live on SportingNews. Pregame show begins at 12:45 PM. I'm still trying to get an analyst locked up, otherwise I'll ride solo. You can find the broadcasts here.

(NOTE - Tim Parry will call the game on Saturday with me. That fact alone will make it worth listening. I promise you that we will have fun.)

I was in a small fender bender late last week. I'm fine, and thankfully, so is The Son, who watched as a car back right out of a spot and into us as we waited for a light to change in the middle of Mahopac. I'm glad it didn't hit his door, and I'm further glad that he seemed largely unfazed. That was the perfect end to a rough week. Fortunately, The Wife was very low-key about the whole thing, and we had friends over and that helped put it out of my mind. We also went to Molly Darcy's over the weekend and saw The Joshua Tree again. My only complaint about them is that many of the bands who play at Molly's are off and running by just after 9:00 PM, while these guys are actually doing a sound check at 10:00. Couldn't we have perhaps done sound check a little earlier to get on with the show? But their music is well done, and we had a good time. Still there's nothing worse than loosening up and dancing, only to be left dancing alone because The Wife says that "Helter Skelter" is a hard song to dance to. This from the same person who danced to "Ring of Fire." My feeling is that you can move to almost anything

So I looked like The Geek from the movie "Sixteeen Candles" after Molly Ringwald abandoned him at the dance. Sheesh.

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