Monday, January 22, 2007

A Note From Montgomery Delaney

Sometimes I get to meet people who have achieved fame in one form or another. Montgomery Delaney is one of those people. Well, to be precise, we've exchanged emails. I've told you a few times recently about Monty (if I can be so forward as to call him that) and his music, and the fact that he was supposed to perform in concert on February 3rdr in Irvington, NY. Well as I mentioned, The Journal News reported in "The Line" (their weekly publication of events around our area) that Montgomery's show had been postponed. My friend Sean Kilkelly has known Monty for several years, so he was my first point of contact. Once he said he didn't know anything more than I did, it was time to go straight to the source.

I sent a quick email to Montgomery, explaining who I am and what I was curious about. A little more than 24 hours later, I had a very nice reply from him, one that I would post for you, but won't since I don't know him that well (OK, I don't know him at all). In any event, a few issues arose that couldn't be worked out in time for the show, but he'll get back on stage again soon. I encourage you to check out his website, read his bio, and most importantly, listen to his music. Check out "Son of a Son" (which plays automatically when you go to the website). It's very good.

As a person who has long wished he could get on stage and perform musically, it's so refreshing to hear a "regular guy" (whatever that might mean) who sounds like he's doing what he loves, and doing it really well.

I'll keep you posted on future items from Montgomery Delaney.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Hey Rob,
You're not updating enough! Too much Kelly Kelly for you! How about how much you like the SuperBowl? LOL



Truesportsfans General said...

Yo Rob.....good luck with the next chapter everything will work out for you......thanks for mentioning my blog I have added you as well.

Hope to speak to you soon,

Tommy Dee

Truesportsfans General said...

good luck rob....i've linked you to my spot....Us mets fans are elated no zito.....Pelfrey and Humber will be in the rotation!!!

stay well....let me know if you could ever use me!!