Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Latest On Bobby Murcer

I should have posted this sooner, but I think I'm in denial. As I mentioned in prior posts, I didn't like the way things were looking, just based on actions and reading between the lines. Then these statements came out yesterday:

Statement from Bobby Murcer: "As we begin a new year, I find myself facing a new challenge - the biggest of my life so far. Pathology reports have revealed that the brain tumor removed was malignant.

I'm not having to battle this alone, but am fortified with the most loving family, an abundance of wonderful friends and fans and the very best class of physicians.

I'm gaining confidence that with God and my faith leading the way, we will as a team put up an incredible fight. Please continue to send up prayers. That's all I can really ask of you at this time.

Statement from George Steinbrenner: "Bobby Murcer represents the spirit of the Yankees, and above all, he's my dear friend. I know Bobby very well. He has true grit, is a fighter and our entire Yankee organization offers our prayers to him and his family for a big win in this battle."

Nothing would please me more than to see Bobby walk out to thunderous applause on Old Timer's Day, or even throw out the first pitch at Opening Day. But I'm a realist and these statements, and the recent request from Kay Murcer, Bobby's wife of roughly 40 years, for privacy makes me very disheartened. Whatever you feel about sports, baseball, the Yankees, etc, I ask you to pray, or whatever you do, for Bobby Murcer. I would be thrilled if my son chose to have a person like that be his favorite ballplayer.

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