Friday, December 08, 2006

GHS Celebrates Their Season

Last night at the Old Greenwich Civic Center, the Greenwich High School football program gathered to pass out the hardware for the 2006 season. The various freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors were introduced to a large crowd, with special awards and scholarships being doled out as well.

As a reporter, probably the biggest thing for me was to find out who captains will be in 2007. Even if I’m not the guy walking the sidelines, these players are essential because they are the ones for a quote when in a pinch, and their parents know they can come to us when they need something. So, here are the 2007 captains:

Jim Dunster
Phil Catalano
Chris Bisanzo
Jonathan Myers

Congratulations to a fine incoming group, and kudos to the outgoing captains as well – Sean Bannon, Dan Bodson, Charles Williams, and TJ Cameron. Each one displayed grace as they spoke at the dinner. Among the other highlights was the presentation of the Coach’s Award to Reji Gachelin for not only taking what life gives you and being a better man for it, but for also being a very good football player. I spoke briefly with Reji afterwards and was struck with what a decent person he is. You can sometimes gauge those things very quickly, and they’re obvious with Reji. Of course, he also wanted to know why Nick didn’t interview him on the postgame show after the win against Southington also. That, and he wanted to know why a radio station said that he and Jake Clarke were fighting during the championship game. We did see Reji go and say something twice to Jake on the field, but I read that as leadership and encouragement, not fighting. Anyway, Reji didn’t seem bothered by it, so it was all in good fun.

Two other awards were passed out – the Hatchet Man award, which went to Charles Williams, though a special nod was given to Jonathan Myers as well. Both players received trophies, and after Myers was given his, he remarked that Williams was the true winner. Sean Bannon received the Big Red Award. I would compare the Hatchet Man to a defensive player of the year, while the Big Red is comparable to the team MVP.

Personally, many thanks to the people who stopped by at our table to talk about the blog, the team, other websites and comments, our broadcasts, football, and life. Nick Angotto renamed our table the “VIP” one, but believe me, we’re the least important people in the room on this night.

When I get a chance, I will post the highlight montage that I have created from the Southington game. Tim Parry has a copy and will probably put it up on the FCIAC blog, but I’m thinking about doing a music version. We’ll see how much energy I have. Then I have to go through the game audio. I should start selling my services and make some money!!

Anyway, gotta head to the temp job…thank GOD it’s Friday…

One more thing - while you're reading the blogs, go check out my friend and colleague Sean Kilkelly's. Then, go over to Tim Parry's (admit it - you read his a lot) and take a look at his store. He works harder at this than I do...which is why I can keep mine free with no store...heck, at the very least, leave him a note to say thanks for his efforts. He pulled a lot of people together in the FCIAC this year. In fact, he pulled Connecticut football together. Me? I update when I please, and it's not always about sports or football. But I have to say that several people have encouraged me to keep updating, and frequently so. I'd like to, but as always, we'll see.

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