Monday, November 06, 2006

Ram Tough (Sports and Football)

There will be some minor changes in the Super Six this week. Just not at number one. Before we get there, it was good to see Phil Soto-Ortiz from WELI in the booth at Cardinal Stadium Friday night. Phil is one their “stringers”, filing live reports from games around the state. Unfortunately, Phil was greeted with looks of “who the heck are you”, which we can definitely identify with. We get it all the time at every school we visit. With two spotters, a PA announcer, a scoreboard operator, and three radio guys, the cozy booth at Greenwich gets tight, and people get territorial. Phil worked it out quickly, and had the blessing of Brian Kennedy, who runs a tight ship at GHS. Few people have been better to us at Greenwich High than Brian, who always watches out for us, and rarely turns down a request. When MSG and WWPT show up at Greenwich on Thanksgiving for GHS/Staples, Brian will make sure that WGCH has what we need before anybody else.

OK, to the Super Six:

1) Greenwich (8-0, Last Week – 1) – Complete domination against Stamford last Friday. This game was horribly boring from a broadcasting standpoint, and I’m sure Coach Al wishes he could do that to us every week. The only shock was that Jonathan Myers didn’t score a touchdown. I spent nearly the entire third quarter doing a scoreboard report, which was OK with my fellow broadcasters. There wasn’t much to say about the game.
2) New Canaan (7-1, 3) – I’m sure if they played Staples 10 times, they would go 5-5. But they only play them once, and New Canaan won, thanks to a missed extra point. Wouldn’t it have been great if the conversion was made, and they played into overtime? Man, how great would that have been? But since they don’t play OT (STUPID!!!) at least we got a conclusion. A tie wouldn’t have been satisfactory. If things stay status quo, it will be a rematch of the FCIAC championship from 2002, 2000, 1999, 1991, 1972 (3-2, in favor of the Rams). Lou Marinelli against Rich Albonizio? Sorry – all bets are off.
3) Staples (7-1, 2) – The Wreckers are now fighting for their playoff lives, but there are still plenty of opportunities. They just have to keep winning. Unfortunately, some of the luster from the Thanksgiving game might now be missing, but believe me; you’re only kidding yourself if you really believe that. The Thanksgiving game will still be something to see.
4) Wilton (6-2, 4) – All of a sudden, the Warriors are poised to go 8-2. Is that enough to get them into the Class L playoffs? It doesn’t look like it. They are ranked seventh, and would need to leapfrog over Staples (who’s fifth).
5) Central (6-2, 5) – I’d have to say that it is pretty respectable to battle Staples to the bitter end and lose, and have your other loss be at the hands of Greenwich. The Hilltoppers survived a good battle with Danbury, and stay put at number five.
6) Darien? Ridgefield? McMahon? Trumbull? Trinity? They’re all 5-3 and a case can be made for each of them. I have to pick only one though. They do this “point system” in the FCIAC for some reason, and Ridgefield (5-3, NR) has 30 more points than Darien, so my nod goes to the Tigers. The most compelling reason I can give is because of Ridgefield’s quality wins. Wilton, New Canaan, and McMahon were among their conquests, but they lost to Darien. See what a messy system this is? The Tigers stay here can be longer if they put up a good showing against Staples. The Blue Wave will have their hands full with Greenwich (pregame show – 1:20 on WGCH). Trumbull gets New Canaan (FCIAC Championship ramifications), and Trinity can win the City Title with a win at home against Stamford. McMahon can make a case for themselves, as they travel to Central. No matter what, I’m uncomfortable with this vote.

Program note!! I can confirm what I said last time – this Friday’s Brunswick- Rye Country Day School game will not be broadcast in favor of Fairfield University basketball. We will, however, add Brunswick’s NEPSAC championship game to our roster instead. That will take place a week from Saturday, the 18th, at 1:00.

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