Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For

I’ve previously mentioned Bird’s Eye Sports, a website dedicated to prep sports in Connecticut. I’ve been following it for a few years and their coverage of baseball and football is top-notch. They’ve branched out to many other sports, including ones outside of the “big four” (football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey). They also have discussion boards to give people a chance to vent. As I’ve previously written, they’ve taken note of the blog, and thought it had some potential (thanks!). At the same time, whenever I see any mention of high school sports on the radio, WGCH seems to get forgotten. I’ve puffed out my chest on that subject a few too many times, so I’ll let it go.

In my preparation for tonight’s Greenwich-Fairfield Prep Class LL showdown, I went to Bird’s Eye to see what they were talking about. Among the notes was the number of games being covered on the air tonight (both radio and internet). Let’s see…Tolland and Holy Cross will be on WATR (1320). Incidentally, they’ll be joining that game in progress (been there, done that!!). Shelton and Southington, North Branford and Ansonia, and St. Bernard versus Hillhouse will all be carried on different channels over at Don Boyle’s SportingNews CT website. (Side note – stay tuned…) Initially, no mention was made of me and “the boys” on WGCH. A quick note to Ben Talbott, the President of Bird’s Eye, explained everything.

But there’s more to the story. After lunch today (from the temp job du jour), I decided to see what happened after the email. Sure enough, there’s the link for WGCH’s streaming audio of the game (Thanks, Ben!), but there was something else. A little further down, below several other links (including Tim Parry’s blog and Sean Patrick Bowley’s coverage in the Connecticut Post) was (can I get a tympani roll, please!!??)… “Exit 55!” Uh-oh. For those new to this, allow me to explain. This is my humble writing outlet. This didn’t start as a football-only blog, or even sports-only. This was to be about everything, and it still will be. There will be plenty of times when I will drone on about something (hence the segments called “Off the Bench”) and so on. I would suspect that I’ll get away from sports after this Saturday, when high school football season ends. It’s only because Staples coach Marce Petroccio told me to update more frequently that I’m going to try to not be in hiding after Saturday. Football season can be rather exhausting and though The Wife is super-patient, she even reaches a point where she says, “OK – Enough!”

The future of the blog has no definition. I’m just rolling along here, and having a good time with it. Between Tim Parry, Jason Intrieri, Sean Kilkelly, Bird’s Eye and a few others whom I can’t think of, “Exit 55” has gotten more publicity than I could possibly ask for. I’m enjoying it, and I hope you are also.

By the way, Marce might not want me to update anymore after I put the Wreckers at number two in my FCIAC Five ballot. But really, what does it all mean? The Wreckers got the number one spot when the votes were tallied, and are ranked higher in the New Haven Register’s media poll. The Greenwich Cardinals got a higher number in the Day of New London’s coach’s poll, and in an informal click-on poll at Tim’s site, the Cardinals were winning easily. Shows what we all know, right.

Anyway, good luck to all of the teams that are still in action. Hopefully I’ll be part of the fun at some championship site on Saturday. Don’t forget to tune in for our live coverage of Greenwich-Fairfield Prep tonight on WGCH, and at WGCH.com.

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