Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Off The Bench (General)

Is it possible for a political campaign to operate without running negative ads? I notice this especially with the nasty race between Bob Menendez and Tom Kane Jr. in New Jersey. I dare them to run on their own records.

I just heard that the Cardinals (of St. Louis) won the World Series. I didn’t even know they had played it. With the exception of Game 7 between the Mets and Cardinals, this was probably the most boring post-season I’ve ever seen. And before you tell me that I was bored because the Yankees were out of it, think again.

Whatever happened to a team simply piling on each other when they’ve won a championship, and going to the locker room for the trophy, champagne, and interviews? Now fireworks must be shot off, and the whole thing looks like a creation of some really bad game show.

While we’re at it, and this is NOT a criticism of the fans, why did the PA people at Shea Stadium think it was necessary to tell fans to start screaming and wave their “rally towels” just as Fox went to air? Do those in charge think that New York fans are idiots? I’m not letting the people in Bronx off the hook either. At Yankee Stadium, they put “2 Strikes” on the matrix board when there are, um, two strikes on a batter. Hey IDIOT! Yankees fans (and Mets fans as well) know when there are two strikes on a batter. We invented the rhythmic clapping thing in the 70’s!! But why do we need to do it for every two-strike count, even against some .220 hitter on the Royals in May?

Memo to Fox – Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are great. Stop there. Make Curt Menafee your de-facto pre- and post-host for everything, and send Jeanne Zelasko somewhere…anywhere. She seems nice, but that’s where the compliments end.

Next memo to Fox – Too many people dislike McCarver. I can’t help you there, but I can tell you that just as many people don’t like Buck. I think the simple reason is “Curt Gowdy Syndrome.” The man is overexposed and calls everything. I happen to like him a lot, but we need to see less of him. Gowdy (The Cowboy) became too ubiquitous on NBC in the 70’s and eventually needed to disappear.

I’m not looking to move Joe to a latter-day version of “The American Sportsman”, but you get the idea.

We’re just here to help.

St. Louis is America’s best baseball town, eh? All of the Midwest LOVES the Cardinals, right? Then riddle me this – why was the estimated crowd for their dopey parade around 500,000? That’s roughly one EIGHTH what New York had when the Yankees won in 2000. That’s not counting me, who wouldn’t go to one of those things even under threats of unspeakable torture (like, say, listening to certain radio shows). Used to be that teams won and went home.

I know your argument will be “metro New York is so much bigger.” OK, but supposedly the Cardinals have the whole FREAKING Midwest as a fan base.

I haven’t brought this up, but I still think there is no better radio show than “Imus in The Morning” on WFAN/CBS Radio/MSNBC. The show has evolved, but the boss is as cranky as ever. It’s not as bitingly funny, but they’ve reenergized things with rotating appearances by Rob Bartlett and Larry Kenny as various characters. Following the I-man’s wedding, the show changed, and not necessarily for the better. But it’s still the place where I catch up on current events.

That said, could weekly guest “Bo” Dietl just go sit at his table at Rao’s and never come out? Dietl is everything that is bad about people in law-enforcement – arrogant, obnoxious, and rude. He gives the good men in blue a really bad name. Fortunately I know too many others that are honorable, so one bad seed doesn’t screw up the whole batch.

Oh, and I’m not anti-Howard Stern, either. He’s fine, and I have nothing against him. I also have nothing against O&A. There’s enough to go around. However, I think it’s time for all of the other knockoffs to stop. In the morning, let the music stations play music and the talk stations talk. Seems easy, no?

On The Peak (107.1 FM), a nice enough guy named Rob Arrow runs a decent, low-key morning show. There’s no sidekick, except for a traffic guy (Pete Toriello, who does traffic on WGCH and is a really nice guy), and a news woman. Then Mr. Arrow plays music. Simple.

Don’t know their ratings, but it’s probably low because the music is generally terrific and there’s not a lot of BS. Imagine that.

My radio DJ heroes were Mr. Imus, Ron Lundy and Dan Ingram from the old WABC, and Scott Shannon, once of Z-100 and now WPLJ. It took many years, but I finally took WPLJ off of my car presets. That station helped teach me to dislike too many songs and artists. I actually added some flava (yes, that’s intentional) back into my life by adding Z-100, K104, and Mix 102.7. Time for the “hip to be square” guy to try to be a little more hip.

With that said, what exactly is Fergie’s “London Bridge?” And how come every time you come around her London London Bridge wanna go down?

It’s the tough questions that I ponder.

Incidentally, in promotional shots for that song, Ms. Fergie appears in front of a bridge, in London. That however is NOT London Bridge. It’s Tower Bridge. London Bridge is a plain crossing further down the River Thames. Tower Bridge is one of the most majestic structures I’ve ever seen in person. You can tour it too, but it’s kind of lame.

I’m just full of facts today.

A little blurb appeared in my local paper, saying that Cheerleaders are ordered to appear at girls basketball games as well as boys games. It seems some parent (naturally) in upstate New York whined, and the US Dept. of Education caved into the moaning. OK, fair is far, but I could easily see the cheerleading coach saying “screw you. We won’t appear at ANY games. And bite me while you’re at it!” Ok, so I added that last part. Cheerleaders, especially at that time of year, are preparing for their own competitions.

Changes in Yankee-land again. Lee Mazzilli’s out as bench coach (why? Who knows?). Don Mattingly takes over Maz’s role. In full disclosure, I know members of the Mazzilli family, and have interviewed Lee, so I’m disappointed by the decision. I hope he either goes back to the organization or heads somewhere else. They’re good people.

Besides, how cool is it to look at your caller ID and see “Mazzilli, Lee?” It was his daughter calling me to edit some audio for her, but it’s still cool.

I don’t get it. How is it possible that Reese and Ryan split? Is there no sanity? I feel like if their marriage isn’t safe, then no marriage is. Ryan looks like such a happy guy. That’s sarcasm, people.

Get out and vote. I don’t care if you write in for “Mickey Mouse.” Make your voice heard.

Here in New York, we really have the best senators, don’t we? Mr. Imus refers to Senator Schumer as “Schmuck Schumer” and Senator Clinton as “Satan.” Just about says it all, doesn’t it?

Zach Fisher, broadcaster in training, says, “Go see ‘Borat.’” All I know is, any character with a child named “HooeyLewis” is OK with me. Besides, I need some new movies to quote from.

Great job of defending the Lombardi Trophy by the boys in the 'Burgh. What a nightmare.

Is it true that any artist can sing “I love America” and people will buy it? That has to be the reason that Chevy is using John Mellancamp’s “Our Country” in their new ad campaign and networks are playing it over…and over…and over. Sure, we needed something new to play since everyone has worn out their copies of “Jack and Diane.”

John Cougar/John Cougar Mellancamp/John Mellancamp fans (and perhaps Mr. Mellancamp himself) like to portray his work as being middle-America’s answer to Springsteen. Let me lay this down for you – nice and easy. Springsteen=Beatles/Elvis/U2/Stones. In other words: a legend. Mellancamp=overplayed pop music.

Does the lead singer of Nickelback record his vocals while sitting on the porcelain throne?

I get too worked up about these things. Or so I’ve been told.


Rob Adams said...

This is a test to see if comments are working. Somebody recently said to me that their PC froze every time they tried to leave a comment for me.

J said...

You definitely NEED to see Borat. And I could tell you what a "London Bridge" is, but there might be small children reading this. HIGH FIVE!

And remember when I said I owned a Missy Elliott CD? Well I didn't say I listened to it much. :-) But I do own John Mellancamp CDs, and I do listen to those a lot. Check out Scarecrow and The Lonesome Jubilee if you haven't since the 80s, they're actually very Springsteen-like, and very good.