Monday, October 09, 2006

I’ve Seen The Light (Sports and Football)

Time is short on this Monday morning, so I’ll get right to it. But before I get to the Super Six (or whatever you want to call it), I’ve got to tell you that Friday night’s Brunswick-Poly Prep matchup was one of the best football games I have ever seen, and certainly one of the five best I have ever broadcast. If the urge hits, I’ll talk about my top 10 in a future post. Bottom line – it was a game of high drama, with the Bruins winning 27-26 in double-overtime. Brunswick appeared more excited in winning that game than they were when they won the New England Prep School Championship last November (another incredible game).

On Saturday, I was at Harding High School as Greenwich played the Presidents. Just a thought about their fabulous PA announcer, Ernie Parker – he brings such energy and fun to the game, that he is one of my two favorite PA guys in the FCIAC. The other is Dick Leonard at Cardinal Stadium. Dick’s calls are clear and concise, with a little dry humor sprinkled in. In any event, too many people came up to Mr. Parker with corrections. Look, mistakes are made, and generally speaking, the players don’t care. So why bust the guy’s chops over whether or not he got a name right? I’m all for accuracy, but when most of these people are volunteers, is it worth it?

To the FCIAC Five (in which we pick six). Please say the following in a true Southern-Baptist voice… “I’ve seen the light. I have sinned against the mighty church of the Petroccio. I have been wrecked by the Wreckers. Please forgive me and save my soul…”

OK, enough. Last weeks rankings got me in hot water with Wrecker Nation for having the nerve, the temerity, to put the mighty Wreckers at number three, behind Greenwich and Central. By the way, unbeknownst to many of you was the fact that many of my fellow voters did the same. I spoke with several people about my rankings and while some may have agreed to disagree, this is the one thing we all agreed on: when you are Staples or Greenwich, you get held to a higher standard. That’s what I did, and that’s why Staples fell to third, and Greenwich nearly fell to second. A week later, I still believe that, but things have changed.

Before we hit the rankings, a note about notes…er…comments. First of all, thanks to everyone for keeping things clean and fair. I have no problem with the differences in opinion, but I won’t stand for personal attacks. Right now, I’m allowing people to comment anonymously, but my mind may change. Seems like some have changed the mind of Tim Parry, as you must now register to comment on the FCIAC Football blog. I’m leaning that way also, because I’m not a fan of anonymous postings. Lastly, thanks to the people at They linked up to this site, and I had a nice exchange with somebody at the site (I won’t name names since I don’t know if they want me to). I admire anybody who takes the time to do such a good site. More teams should do it and I know there are others (Stamford, off the top of my head, has a very good one as well).

And away we go:

1) Greenwich (Last Week – 1) – The Cardinals barely broke a sweat in a 42-7 blowout at Harding. The backs look good and the defensive line and linebackers look solid. Charles Williams is playing at a very high level right now. Let’s see how they handle Trumbull Friday night at Cardinal Stadium (on WGCH, beginning with the pregame show at 6:50).
2) Staples (3) – No, I wasn’t beaten into submission. I was impressed by the shutout against Trumbull. From Sean Patrick Bowley’s article in the Connecticut Post:

"'This was definitely a statement game,' said end Andrew Kennedy, who had a sack and two tackles for a loss to lead a defense that held Trumbull to 65 total yards, and a measly two in the second half. "

Well done, Wreckers. You made your statement.
3) Central (2) – What bothers me is the defense. Oh they can score (most points in the FCIAC), but they’ve also allowed 67 points, including 21 against Trumbull. Staples didn’t allow the Eagles on the scoreboard.
4) Darien (6) – The Blue Wave disposed of Ridgefield, and now must join the conversation. I know the opposition hasn’t been much yet, but beating Ridgefield sends a nice message. Their defense is very opportunistic. Wilton could help change my mind about the Wave this weekend.
5) New Canaan (NR) – There are teams that I hold to a higher standard, as you have learned. Greenwich, Staples, and New Canaan are those teams. It’s because of that reason that I put Darien at number four this week and not the Rams. Curtis Casali has been incredible.
6) Ridgefield (4) – I know, I know – they’re 2-2. But let’s look at the other 3-1 teams (besides New Canaan): McMahon has played Notre Dame of Fairfield (win), Greenwich (loss), Bassick (win) and Trinity (win); and St. Joseph has played Trinity (loss), Bassick (win), Ludlowe (win) and Brookfield (win). They’re both close, but I’m not convinced. The Tigers have played Wilton (win), Masuk (loss), New Canaan (BIG win), and Darien (tough loss). It’s not about wins and losses, but a feeling. It’s an opinion, and right now, I’ll take Ridgefield. The Tigers play St. Joe’s next at home, while McMahon plays Ludlowe at home. Things will shake out.
DROPPING OUT – Trinity Catholic. The bandwagon stopped long enough for me to jump off. I’d like to stay on it, but can’t after the loss to McMahon.

I wrote quickly today, since we’re up against the deadline. Before I say adios for this week, my sincere thanks to the New York Yankees. Great job, Bombers. The better team didn’t necessarily win, but the team with more heart, determination, grit, passion, and EXECUTION did win. Back to the drawing board, Mr. Cashman.

Good luck to the New York Mets, since they’re the team in New York that is still playing in October. I think most Yankees fans feel that they would rather go down in flames to the Tigers than lose to the Mets. That said, the Mets are now the odds-on favorite to win it all. Amazing, indeed. Just one thing – I was at an Oktoberfest in upstate New York yesterday, and saw many Mets fans. It’s their day to celebrate, so good for them. I also saw some Yankees fans, licking their wounds, but wearing their garb (present company and my party included). My question is – why do Mets fans feel like they have to go into hiding when the team stinks? That’s why I’m so hard on them. Be proud to be a fan of your team, no matter what. When the Yankees stunk in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was always wearing my hat, or whatever. Jets fans are very much like the Mets, but I think they show their pride much more. Come on, Amazin’ fans. Stay true. Your teams’ history is dubious at times, but that’s YOUR team. If you’re a fan, you have to be proud, no matter what. That goes for every fan.


Anonymous said...

I like these rankings much better. But, Staples and Greenwich are a very close first and second. At this point in the year it could go either way.

dlebow said...

The announcer at Harding is awesome, he adds fun, sense of humor. He seems to really root for the kids. He makes the games more fun. Really adds value.

Kaz said...

I like this top 5 (or 6) poll. It was nice to read what Ridgefield has done and how it is all true. I love to hear that this poll was based on feeling not records