Monday, October 16, 2006

High School Football Happenings (Sports and Football)

In my last post, I gave a quick rundown of the exceptional football games that took place around the WGCH broadcast spectrum last weekend. To recap quickly, Staples rallied to beat Bridgeport Central, 17-14, and Rye came from behind to beat Harrison (as heard on WGCH), 19-18. On Friday, we broadcast the Cardinals beat win against Trumbull (41-0 - unspectacular). As I also said, the top three of my Super Six should be pretty easy to figure out. It’s the bottom three that’s got my head spinning.

1) Greenwich (5-0, Last Week – 1) – At this point, they are the best team. How they play against Central on Saturday (pre game show, 1:20 on WGCH) is anybody’s guess. After this, the Cardinals play at Norwalk, then host Stamford, then at Darien, then the FCIAC Championship date will hit, before they finish the regular season by hosting Staples. I’m sure a lot people want that game to be for all the marbles.
2) Staples (5-0, 2) – I don't know how to read the Central game. Yes the Wreckers won, but needed to come back to do so. To me, that shows lots of character and heart. But it also took a costly fumble by Central QB Jamarl Hardison to give the wreckers the chance to win. Still you’ve got to make the most of the opportunities that are handed to you (see – Harrison versus Rye), and the Wreckers did that. From the redemption is mine department, kudos to Staples junior Mike Samela for recovering the big Hardison fumble, then catching the winning score. This after dropping a sure touchdown late in the first half.
3) Central (4-1, 3) – Can we stop the discussion now about whether or not they're a Top 5 team? They took every blow from the mighty Wreckers, and led late into the fourth quarter. Their defense surprised me in holding Staples to 17 points. Unfortunately that was just enough to lose. I’m really looking forward to seeing them at Cardinal Stadium on Saturday, in front of what should be a huge crowd (it’s Homecoming for Greenwich).
4) New Canaan (4-1, 5) – I’m convinced that New Canaan belongs right here. Despite the Ridgefield loss, the Rams are playing very well. They play Stamford at home on Friday night, before going to St. Joseph on October 28th. I’m hoping that will be a big game.
5) St. Joseph (4-1, NR) The Cadets success has been a pleasant surprise. An early season loss to Trinity Catholic made the Crusaders look like they could play, but their blasting of Ridgefield made me want to add them to the Super Six. But where to put them? I’m not sold on Wilton (yet), didn’t like what I saw of McMahon (or their schedule), and can’t put Darien here after losing to Wilton. So the Cadets sit here, for now. They play at home against Wilton on Saturday.
6) Darien (4-1, 4) – Here’s where the criticism is fair. Darien lost to Wilton so, in theory, shouldn’t the Warriors be here instead of the Blue Wave? In theory – yes. In my opinion – no. If Wilton goes out and beats St. Joseph (on the road), then my hat is off to them, and they will make a case for joining the fray next week. If not, then all is well.

Without a doubt, I’m broadcasting the game of the week this coming Saturday. Hope you tune in for all of the fun between Bridgeport Central and Greenwich.


Anonymous said...

I think there is no doubt Darien has the toughest schedule over the next 5 weeks (@ Mcmahon, vs. Newtown, vs. St. Joe's, vs. Greenwich, @ NC). However if they win 3 of the 5 and go 7-3, do you think they will qualify for the Class M playoffs?

Rob Adams said...

Three wins is always a borderline number in classes like M. Most of the time, the answer is no. Looking at the Class M picture this year, Windham and Hillhouse are both undefeated. Hillhouse's schedule looks pretty easy, while Windham goes up against undefeated (and Cochran-less) New London. Ledyard is also ahead of the Blue Wave, and they have to face New London as well. Crazier things have happened, but it's hard to think that Darien can pull it off if they go 7-3. I think two losses will be the maximum any team can afford.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a chance does Darien have against Newtown? I don't know anything about them other than the fact that they have a good record.

Anonymous said...

Darien got lucky in 2 out of there 4 wins, so do you think they actually deserve a spot in state playoffs? cause I dont.

Anonymous said...

Luck doesn't make you 4-1. It can help, but you have to be somewhat good. And it doesn't matter who "deserves" the spot in the playoffs, it comes down to wins and losses. And you can say Wilton was lucky in their win (if you were there you know what I'm talking about) - doesn't make a difference in the W/L column.