Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tossing and Turning

I was never really one to lose sleep. With the obvious rare exception, I could always find a way to get a few hours in, and normally more. Plus I had the ability to sleep anywhere.

I could sleep on the floor of WGCH. Air mattresses. My car (too many times to count). Couches far and wide.

I'm not sleeping so well anymore.

Counting sheep? No, not my thing. Counting World Series rings? Well it doesn't hurt. Those 27 do take a while.

Seriously, there is a lot I ponder as I lay my head down. No need to explain, and I'm quite sure you get the idea.

So I toss. Turn. Flip. Flop. Occasionally, I put the TV on (or just simply stay awake). Sometimes -- not as often as I should -- I write. I'll grab my iPad and review the latest idiocy of our world, or just zone out with Angry Birds or The Simpson's Tapped Out.

Or I read. I should read my books (too many sitting on the shelf), but I'm such a periodical reader that the time gets away.

Life ain't easy. It's quite complicated, and as I stare 50 in the eye, I'm getting anxious for what's next.

Can we give peace a chance?

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