Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thankful for Sports

I was out of the loop on Friday, and took on calling a hockey game on Saturday.

These two events made me gloriously happy, because it meant that, overall, I missed the clusterbleep (copyright, RD Adams, 2017) known as the Inauguration.

I mean, we're going to debate attendance? Does everyone realize how stupid they look doing so?

Don't get me wrong, I saw and read stuff. I watched a few things.

Then I proceeded to bang my head.

As for the women's march on Saturday, well, huzzah. Women should be equal. Pay, opportunities, etc. Stop the nastiness. Show future generations that gender, race, orientation, etc don't matter.

I mean, honestly, this isn't that hard.
My broadcast perch is above the "N"
Thankfully I had sports.

Brunswick hosted The Hill School on Saturday afternoon, and I was pleased to call it for the folks at Bleachers. The Bruins knocked off the Rams/Blues (they go by both) 4-1.

I had plenty of time to prepare, digging through the rosters and notes on both schools -- most of which almost never gets used on a broadcast -- but I had plenty of nifty items on both teams, given that each school promoted it.

I was there roughly three hours before faceoff (ah yes, things you do when you have minimal life). So I set up and worked with the great Joe Early* at Brunswick to make sure we had power and everything to get up and running.

*Special shout out to his daughter Alice for stopping by and keeping me company.

It was a nice respite. Oh sure, I always have Twitter going, in case there is breaking news to report or scores, or anything else. So I can't totally close out the world, but I'm able to largely focus on doing play-by-play.

That's a good thing.

And it let to kindness.
So there's that.

Now comes Championship Sunday, as the Steelers try to make a run to Big Game LI. I picked the Patriots to win (and the Packers over the Falcons) but there is always hope.

I'll likely be back with Brunswick on Wednesday, when the Bruins host Portledge.
Visitors sitting on the "Press Row" table

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