Saturday, May 09, 2015

Rule 55, and Why It's Still Relevant

Sean, Jackson Square, New Orleans, 2006.
I've been saving this one for a few days. Rule 55 is a glorious thing, but it must be used at the right times.

Long ago, I started posted videos when I had something to say but couldn't. My friend Sean Kilkelly deemed it "Rule 55," in honor of me, when he had the urge to do the same in his writing.

Rule 55 is my outlet. It's my way of saying "something is up."

My writing is raw. Passionate. Sometimes joyous. Sometimes angry. It expresses a wide range of emotion. It's often vague, and that brings both praise and grief.

I've felt sadness as I've ached over one thing or another that I've written. I've laughed at certain passages.

So above is a picture of Sean in New Orleans in 2006, along with a song that mentions the Crescent City below.

A bottle of red. A bottle of white.

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