Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Don't Care Anymore

My mind goes to strange places.

I don't like ambivalence, least of all in myself. I've been one who - even when I say I don't care about anything - always cares.

And yet...

I've been sitting around thinking otherwise, and that leads me back to Phil Collins.

It got me wondering: is that the greatest ambivalence song?

I will always remember having this song suggested to me as I went through a life event. This isn't about not caring. It's about something completely different.

That memory makes me smile. Sort of. Somebody was looking out for me.

Anyway are there other songs that present such ambivalence? Come Exit 55 cul-de-sac (we certainly don't have a "nation" here)! What other songs am I missing? Is Phil Collins the perfect one?

Just random thoughts.

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