Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Stuff (It's Off the Bench!)

I just like quotes. That is all.
First of all, I'm feeling the urge to write again, and that really thrills me. There are a ton of topics rolling around in that danger zone known as the lump three feet above my ass.

- Sometimes I think I feel a little intimidated by working with such a smart, well-read group of writers like my colleagues at Hersam Acorn. They're quite awesome. If anything, I feel like I have regressed by working with them. But they do inspire me.

- OK, so Michael Sam has been cut by the St. Louis Rams, and I'm pleased. Stay with me here before you attack. The reason I say that is because Jeff Fisher, a man of character, didn't keep Sam around because he wanted to put the first openly gay man on his football team. He dropped him because, succinctly, he didn't think there was a fit on his football team for him.

I want Michael Sam to succeed. Because he's a football player. I don't care about his shower habits. I don't care who he is dating. I don't care about anything other than if he's a good football player. Sure, I care if he's a good man, but in the bottom line of sports, I want him to succeed or fail on the pure merits of his football ability.

The rest of it isn't for me to concern myself with.

- I don't care how close the Yankees are to the wild card, or even the division, I just don't think they're good enough to make the playoffs.

- I paused today to watch Derek Jeter hit (full disclosure: he took a called third strike) and felt a tinge of sadness that a great career is just about a month from ending.

If he's not the greatest shortstop of all-time, then he's in the top three, with Honus Wagner and Cal Ripken Jr. A-Rod would have been there at one time. He's not.

- I had a blast talking about things various and sundry yesterday during The Open Hour (Fridays at 10am) on It might not be the most compelling hour that we broadcast, but I still enjoy it. It reminds me of the old days of my eponymous show on WGCH.

- Yeah, so about WGCH...remember a few weeks back I said I had a pretty big announcement I was holding off on telling you? Ummm...forget it. At least it seems unnecessary now, but we'll see. Stories change all the time.

UPDATE: Yup, stories change all the time. I'll explain later.

- Oh, back to The Open Hour. I rambled on about a lot of things. I found myself feeling quite musical, and was thinking about how some of my tastes have changed over the years. Some things that I listened to so much just seven years ago are now on the fringe. Strange how life can impact that.

For instance, I don't find myself quite into U2 or The Police anymore. I suppose the feeling could return.

I also found myself railing about bullying - real and not real. For instance, I watch, read, and listen to criticism that some of my HAN colleagues take from these keyboard yahoos in their towns. I mean, really? Isn't there something else they should be doing?

I get it. Criticism is necessary. I got some a week or so ago that really - really - troubled me. The who and what and so on aren't necessary, and it's now in the rear view mirror. But...yeah.

But sometimes, criticism just becomes a vehicle for garbage.

If you're so inclined, please check out yesterday's Open Hour.

- Sean Adams, he of the near-teenager/seventh grader, wants to get some ice poured on his head. Not because he got pressured. But because in his heart he wants to.

And he'll donate (via me).

- I love quotes of all kinds (thus the Oscar Wilde one at top). It's the reason I'll randomly post a song lyric if I hear one. I just like quotes. Sometimes I don't even have a purpose as to why I'm posting it. I just might like it. It doesn't necessarily have to have an intended message for anyone or anything.

Sometimes it's fun to post a lyric and see if others can pick up on it.

- It's the beginning of the college football season, and once again, I want to embrace it. I want to watch it. But I feel overwhelmed with games and overwhelmed with other things going on in life.

And overwhelmed with the large amount of high school football games I will be broadcasting.

The first is next Saturday (St Luke's/Cardinal Spellman) on H-A-N com.

- Roger Goodell thinks he's God. I'm convinced of that. Thus he's the Emperor. I know NFL players need to be accountable for their off the field behavior, but I love where the Emperor just throws himself into the midst of people's lives.

- I just saw a bit on Pro Hockey Talk saying that fans voted Bobby Orr as the greatest Boston Bruin of all time. Wow. I'm relieved we got that result.

In a related story, Babe Ruth - just might - be the greatest Yankee.

- The Hudson Valley Renegades are playoff-bound. Good for them. Would I love to be calling the games? Sure. I do wish, however, that Tom Prizeman could get back here to do it. Far be it for me to say how they should run their broadcast booth, and Tom is at college anyway. But they need some life in the booth.

Somewhere along the line, the young broadcaster became all about numbers and less about keeping listeners interested. Not screaming like Gus Johnson. Not boring them. Just telling stories, finding enthusiasm. Maybe even laughing.

I used to think doing play-by-play really wasn't anything special. I almost felt anyone could do it.

I was wrong.

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