Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Skins Game

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So let's just get to it. You know, the Washington Redskins name thing.

Here: Change the name, Daniel Snyder. Please. Pretty please.

The reason is simple. I'm sick of hearing about it. It's been beaten over my head. I'd like to be done with it.

Not because of the issue of being offensive. It is to many, and it isn't to others. There is enough data to indicate that a large number of people find it offensive.

I do think there is an argument within, and I won't debate with those who can't see another side of things, be it music, sports, or otherwise. No, that's the point I say "OK" to shut up and let you think you're better.

Your mileage, or course, may vary.

I think Mr. Snyder, who is fairly hard to like to begin with, would be doing a world of good to his image and his brand by finding a compromise and calling it a day.

Look, I hated - detested - when St. John's university changed its moniker from Redmen (so-named because they were a team that wore red) to Red Storm (sigh). Chat with an older Syracuse University sports fan about the former Warriors that became the Orangemen that became, sigh, the Orange.

Here on Jeff Pearlman's mean streets of Mahopac, NY, we still have the Indians. For now, there doesn't seem to be a push to outlaw it since, after all, Mahopac is a native American term (The Lake of the Great Serpent).

Others around here have changed, such as Ossining High School. They went from Indians to Riverhawks to...err...nothing.

Personally, I think they should honor the towns' legendary Sing Sing Prison and go with the Criminals. If it works for Yuma, Arizona...

Imagine that. A sense of humor.

Look, I get it about the Resdkins name. I get that there are those who find it offensive. Great. Duly noted. Those who don't want it changed have legit reasons such as political correctness rum amok to the fear of "what's next."

Yesterday, while talking about it, I mentioned that, for instance, one could see where "Browns" could be offensive. Now, understand I was being extreme, but I never did quite have a chance to explain myself before the idea was called "stupid." The point was missed.

And yes, I'm acutely aware that the team was named after Paul Brown. Honestly, have we met before?

What truly infuriates me about the Redskins issue is the involvement of government and of politicians. I mean, really? We don't have better things to do? Maybe, oh I don't know, keep troops from going BACK into Iraq? Keep more innocent people from being killed? Maybe fixed the quality of life for Americans?

Funny, I don't see where changing a football teams name will do any of the above.

But changing the name would be good for business. One day sponsors will pull out (that's bad, of course). But if you appease fans, you get them to buy NEW merchandise (cha-CHING$$$!)

So why not find another name that will allow the logo to continue, for instance. I hear less about their logo than Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians. So go with something else, keep the logo, allow the old-timers to stubbornly and colloquially call them the Redskins, and let's move on.

Personally, if I were a fan, I'd like to see him focus on a team that hasn't sniffed a Super Bowl in 20 years.

So let's move on. Respect that there might be - GASP! - differing opinions, and let's call it a day.

Because, honest to God, it's annoying. And it's bad for the team, and the NFL.

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