Saturday, June 14, 2014

At the Ballpark

I will go on the air in one hour, and I'm just sitting here, in Palmer Field. It's fairly quiet, save for some baseball music that is currently playing over the PA.

OK, currently, I am troubleshooting stuff from 50 miles away (give or take). But yes, it's largely peaceful here.

The Portland Highlanders, the number 17 seed in Class S, have arrived. They have a roughly 10 minute trip here, and have started warming up down the right field line.

The point of this is to say how nice it is to be early. I was here a little after 9:00 - three hours before first pitch - to find the place open and ready. After a quick chat with one of the technical guys from CPTV*, I knew where I could start setting up. Public address announcer, writer, and all-around good guy Jim Bransfield, confirmed I could stay in the space I was in.

I'm not always allowed to relax when I do this until the game starts. Today? I'm relaxed.

Mike Suppe and I will have the call of Portland and Thomaston at Noon on We have Notre Dame of West Haven and Masuk, and Rocky Hill against Haddam-Killingworth later.

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