Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Quick Followup (General)

So leave it to a few odds and sods-type things to get my largest set of comments yet. Allow me to review...

To "Jon" - I would expect nothing else than for you to have a Missy CD. You've always had the widest, best variety of musical taste. The only thing I ever knew you to dislike was the Talking Heads, if memory serves. And yeah, Mahopac is changing. Is it for the better? Who knows?

To "Ricky" - Nah, the Bronx faithful are fine. I thought the Mets players did a nice job of celebrating the moment, especially with their little curtain call. Nice touch. It seems that Willie Randolph has done an excellent job of leading them. I was serious when I said "congratulations." They've had a great year. It actually wasn't meant to come off as griping or talking trash.

Does this mean we're not friends anymore?

For all - Oh, one more thing, while we're talking some baseball. For the love of God, PLEASE stop saying the Atlanta Braves have won 14 pennants in a row. Was 1994 a dream? As far as I'm concerned, the Braves streak should be disallowed due to the strike that cancelled the World Series that year. The selfishness of that situation negates that. If anything, the Montreal Expos should be given the 1994 NL East crown, but nobody in their right mind would do that. If baseball wants to pretend '94 didn't exist, then they're idiots. It's still impressive, but, to me, it's not all in a row. Thank God the Mets put and end to it.

For "Anonymous" - Missy, is that you? Or is it Pedro Martinez?

For "Sean" - First, say something funny, right?? Anyway, I've heard of "The Grey Album", and I'd be interested to listen to it. Just read an article about Jay-Z. He seems like a pretty talented guy, to say the least.

I knew I'd rankle some feathers with people thinking that I was "tweaking" the Mets. Not true - It's "My Town, MY TEAM!!" I'm pulling for the eventual 2006 World Champions! Amazing how a little hit and run gets people excited. Go rip city on the Katrina anniversary, and defending Mayor C. Ray Nagin, and things are as quiet as a radio station after sign-off. Or when useless programs are on. HI-YO!!

Ricky and I (pending the mending of our friendship) will have Greenwich-McMahon on the air, Thursday night at 6:50. Talk to you then.

Anyway, keep those cards and letters coming.

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Steph said...

I don't really have a comment to add about your blog entry. I just wanted to say I'm proud that you figured out how to upload your exit 55 sign! Good job, young man!