Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Busy Man (General)

I know, you haven't heard much from me lately. I apologize - I've been doing a temp job for about a week now, and haven't even had access to email. Believe me, it's a pain, but it's nice to have a job again, if only for another week or so.

In other news, my infamous cat, Fred, has disappeared. He has been sighted a few times, but has otherwise not returned. In some ways, good riddence; in others, he's missed.

There's plenty to talk about, but I just don't have the time, so we'll catch up soon. Football rolls on (three, count 'em, THREE games this weekend to broadcast), the job search heats up, and life goes on. The Saints returned to N'awlins (which was great), but the U2/Green Day concert was best. It meant a lot to the people there, but how much do those acts resonate with the people of the Lower Ninth Ward? Just curious...

Still, it was a great scene in The Big Easy. Good for them that they get a little closer to life down there.

OK, enough for tonight. Again, we'll catch up soon.

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