Saturday, June 10, 2017

RIP Adam West

Word has broken that Adam West -- forever the cartoonish Batman from the 1960's, as well as Mayor Adam West from Family Guy, among others -- has died.

The truth is, despite an ongoing debate. I don't really care much about superheroes. Sure, put it on the line and I'll always say Batman -- because of Adam West.

But beyond that, Superman (Christopher Reeve, please) and Ironman (since I've seen them with Sean) are fine.

And further beyond that, I just really don't pay a lot of attention.

Still, it all comes back to Adam West, Burt Ward, and the crazy cast of characters that I grew up with in reruns after production stopped in 1968.

It's a nostalgia thing. The show was campy. Hokey. But it tied me back to my father, brother, cousin, and a whole different lifetime.

I'm back to the Batcave. Back to Stately Wayne Manor.

Back to the mod Batmobile.

Game. Set. Match. Pow! Boff! Thwack!

Thanks, Mayor Adam West.

Thanks, Batman.

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