Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nick Buoniconti

Nick Buoniconti (Photo: AP)
It's quite likely that, if you read this thing here -- this bloggy -- then you're a sports fan.

Or you like to bad writing.

Whatever. You're here for some reason.

Regardless of what or why, I ask you to read this fascinating piece by S.L. Price about Nick Buoniconti, the Miami Dolphins legend who played for the undefeated 1972 team.

Yes they were undefeated. Just ask them.

Buoniconti, as the headline says, is in decline. It's sad and frustrating and angering.

Exactly what do we do about football? Great sport. We know that.

I'm complicit in that I broadcast it upwards of 20 times a year, and I'm certainly not here to hate on the sport.

We've seen too many cases of CTE now. So how do we protect these athletes?

That's what I feel like: we need answers.

Now let's find them.

Here's Super Bowl VII. Curt Gowdy calls the play-by-play on NBC.


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