Sunday, February 05, 2017

Post Game

I'm wiped out.

If you had an interest in the Super Bowl, you probably are also.

I mean, what is there to say?

I didn't feel too bad for the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. I'm convinced they're in a good spot to get close to a World Series title. Might be tough, but they'll be OK. I felt like they got steamrolled by a machine, driven by the Chicago Cubs.

But tonight, I'm sick for the Atlanta Falcons.

The biggest comeback in Super Bowl history was ten points. Ten.

Tonight, it went from 28-3, to 28-28. Then we all knew what would happen in overtime. The Falcons never touched the ball.

Yes, Tom Brady was magnificent down the stretch. But oh my, the Falcons made some big mistakes. Let's make it clear: the Patriots earned it.

The New England Patriots are champions for the fifth time.

I can't process it.

I will tomorrow at 3pm.

I need baseball. Stat.

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