Sunday, April 26, 2015

In Scranton

Sean and I are turning towards the final stages of our third annual father-son trip.

Scranton, you say? Hell, I read where Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports Hardball Talk ranked the move from New York to Scranton as the worst demotion in baseball.

I get it, yet I sort of dig it here. We liked Lancaster last year, but remembered how much we liked Scranton from our 2013 trip. So we came back here.

The Spring Hill Suites is a great place. We have a nice view of PNC Field. There are places for trains, trolleys, coal mines and various Sean-friendly activities.

Plus we have our food bonanza of Waffle House, Krispy Kreme, and Wegman's has now become a Sean favorite.

It's not your idea of fun, perhaps. But it's ours.

I agonized over doing this trip, mostly due to the root of all evil (yes, money). But as I watched Sean smile, and listened to him rave about how much he loves traveling with me, I figured there really wasn't any question about this being the right thing to do.

Now I'm listening to him laugh hysterically over things he is watching on his iPad in our room.

We hit the pool a couple of times, and don't you know it takes being there for this kid to want to have a catch with his father?

We'll carry the memories home. I'll carry the last vestiges of my little boy being a little boy.

I'm holding on for dear life.

We still have most of today before real life takes back over.

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