Saturday, September 06, 2014

Game Day

Chris Erway, right, and me, at the Rye-Harrison (NY) game in 2010. Ignore the Greenwich football logo.
Every September, there's a moment. It's one that I have privately.

It hits me at a high school field, or in the car, or somewhere else. It can't be predicted.

This morning, it hit me at home. I had just finished brushing my teeth, stepped back into the hall and slapped my hands together.

It was that moment that can only be described as a combination of pride, excitement, and nerves.

It has hit me, every year, since 2000. I was too terrified in 1999 (my first year) to feel anything else.

It's opening day for me of football season. The beginning of my broadcast year. Normally, the Greenwich Cardinals were involved. Today, it's a prep school game between St. Luke's of New Canaan and Cardinal Spellman of The Bronx.

I'm nervous. Always nervous before the first game. I have to remind myself that I'm here for a reason. People tell me I'm here for a reason. My friends believe it. Some of my peers believe it. My boss believes it. That, yeah, I'm good enough to do this.

I'm proud. Proud to have the opportunity that I have, and of the team assembled around me.

I'm excited. Hey, it's sports! It's supposed to be fun, and all I have to do is talk about what I see in front of me.

Lastly, it's all of that above that makes me a little emotional. Largely because I'm an emotional guy to begin with. But, somewhere, I hope people I love are listening and smiling. Somewhere I hope people that I don't know are smiling and listening.

Lastly, I feel sad at the thought that who knows if they have a radio or a computer or a smartphone in the great beyond because, honestly, who really knows if there's a great beyond?

That's too philosophical for me.

If it all goes well, around 1:20 or so, the music will begin to play. My emotions will hit their peak. Finally, I'll have no choice. It will be time to speak. After that, hopefully, it's like riding a bike.

It's game day. Listen live at

Let's go.

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