Saturday, July 05, 2014

Name To Be Determined

Photo: Sean Adams
So it happened.

A new car.

Thanks to Will and the nice people at Begnal Motors in Kingston for dealing with me fairly and appropriately.

Here are a few pics from the day. Sean had a hard time saying goodbye to Charlie, but soon discovered that this new car will be great, even if we haven't truly come to a decision on the name.

The final tally: 256,637 miles. Thanks, old friend.
It had 17 miles as I drove off the lot. Still, 18 looks good.
This one needs an explanation...
So here's the story: when Kris and I took this car for a test drive almost two weeks ago, he decided to show me some of the features that he knew of. One of them included programming favorite artists. So he thought it would be humorous to program Paula Abdul as a favorite, to either torture a future owner...or me. It was still there when Will and I were going through the process of explaining the features.

Anyway, we stopped in Poughkeepsie to say hi to Lisa and show the car to her. I was really pleased to get her support and encouragement. It means a lot, as does the support of Sean who, despite being sad over seeing Charlie go, was still more than pleased with our new friend.
One last picture on top of Charlie

And hello new friend.
Yes, the hair will get cut. Growing pains. I, too, went through my (slightly) long-haired phase.

Now I have to figure out how to pay for it and continue to survive. But the features are pretty cool.

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