Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Live from Yankee Stadium

The House Built? (Sunday)
OK, OK, OK. Somebody cares that Exit 55 rides again. When I see life has been hectic, take my word for it.

For me to find a few minutes to say hello, I had to come to the media dining room...

At Yankee Stadium.

That's right - I'm here for the Rangers/Islanders Stadium Series game. There is no score with under five minutes to go in the first period as I write.

It's also 22 degrees outside.

So with no actual place for me to sit (and not interested in scoping a seat out right now), I decided to grab a cup of coffee and get some work done.

Because, you know, that's sort of why I haven't written on the blog in over two weeks.

So with Sam Rosen of MSG a few yards behind me, and Linda Cohn of ESPN to my right (as in pretty much next to me), I greet you.

Oh and the best that there is, Michael "Doc" Emrick, rode an elevator with me on Sunday. And is currently about 35 feet to my left, through a few walls.

To be honest, that's about all I've got time for. It's been a wild ride, with the highlights being the great Sunday of hockey here between the Rangers and Devils, and Super Bowl media day in New Jersey on Tuesday.

I've been disowned by my sister for getting close to Peyton Manning. Sigh. (In good fun, of course)

It's been an interesting time.

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