Saturday, December 31, 2011

Could Mike Francesa Save Christmas? What?

My friend Richie Spezzano sent this along. A little parody of your fancy WFAN in New York City and don't forget the ONE-eight-seven-seven-three-three-seven-six-six-six-six (that's how Steve Somers presents the phone number).

I thought this was quite funny.

Of course hearing Steve Somers being parodied in the video made me long for the real thing! If you've never heard him, then you just need to listen and give him a a chance. Here's our guy, the former "Captain Midnight" who should be doing middays or something else to take some of the stink out of the radio these days (what is it already?).

That was from 2007. Anything has to be better. I mean, for the love of Keith Jackson, Ryan-bleeping-Ruocco called the Pinstriped Bowl yesterday. What is it that this guy has on the execs at ESPN? Is he Michael Kay's illegitimate son? I just don't know! Add it to the "things I don't get" list.

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