Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Break In

So that gives you a rough idea of how Carrie and I started our day yesterday. The look on her face when she discovered the busted out window was enough for me.

Sometime Monday night, someone broke into my car. They stole my GPS and a phone charger.

I just got the window fixed (though that revealed a deeper problem with shoddy workmanship from a previous incident). So let's be honest: it wasn't that bad. Yes, one feels violated, and it's a nuisance on a few levels, but the losses are minimal (and it's just "stuff").

So that's it. I'm having dinner with Sean tonight. Then I'll watch the World Series.

Life, as always, moves on.


Dan A. said...

OOH, I hate that. I've been the victim a few times and for me, the stuff is not the problem, it's the feeling that someone has sullied my personal space. Sorry that happened to you and I hope it gets made up to you somewhere along the Karmic path!

Rob Adams said...

Thanks, Dan. Yeah, it's the vulnerability that annoys me.