Monday, July 06, 2020

Baseball is On

I've got the Yankees simulated baseball game on TV right now.

It's baseball and it's glorious.

Tomorrow, I'll put the headset back on and call baseball again.

The Greenwich Cannons, like others in the region, have had to change the signs* to make a season happen.

* A forced baseball metaphor but I'm going with it.

Their junior and senior teams have already started their season and, tomorrow at 6:30, the senior team hits Robcasting for the first time.

We'll call them tomorrow as well as Wednesday. On Thursday, we'll get a look at the junior team.

The Tuesday game will be at Wilton High School, where I once called a 14 inning American Legion classic that took three hours and fifty-five minutes and I called it alone.

Well, I'll be back solo tomorrow next to US Route 7.

To tell you the truth, I've got a little of those healthy nerves. I repacked the equipment tonight and I've got my scorecard ready, along with a clipboard.

I'll be ready. No matter what, I'll make a broadcast happen, even it it gets taped. As a professional, it's what you do.



Thanks, guys (I'd put a check in the mail, but...)

The Cannons are excited and, apparently, so are their fans.

So am I.

You can hear all of the action at, and there is interest of putting something on WGCH eventually.

I should note that, as of now, I will fly solo. Anyone interested in joining me in the "booth" will need to do whatever it takes to feel comfortable in terms of social distancing and so on.

I'm all for safety.

So it looks like my July might be filled with games like this. If there are playoffs (in August), we could slide a few of those into the schedule also.

Plus, Mike Buswell is up in Trumbull and I bet he'd be happy or some coverage also.

Mahopac has also rang my number.

So it could be a fun six weeks.

I hope so.

But, back to the Yankees and MLB. It's nice to sit here and just hear baseball happening. No negativity. Just ball hitting bat.

As for the empty stadiums? I don't think twice about that but I'm used to doing games that have sometimes under 50 people attending. It's interesting to listen to the broadcasters and fans who have been so concerned about this. It's nothing new for me.

The 60-game schedule isn't perfect, of course, including more ridiculous Yankees/Red Sox games on ESPN, but honestly, it's hard to complain.

We'll finish with this graphic. Look, I'm thrilled for every part of that, but there should be a Babe Ruth Day. He changed it all.

He matters. A lot.

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