Tuesday, November 12, 2019

From Writer's Block to a Podcast

I want to write something profound.

I want to rant and rave.

But when you feel it might be unsafe for you or others to do so, then it's just best to come up with a case of writer's block.

I do, shockingly, have the ability to shut my mouth. The key to doing this is to give just enough information. It doesn't necessarily mean being an open book.

There's no question that when I see a loved one being attacked -- including having their integrity called into question -- my nature is to fire back.

After all, they had my back when my own integrity was questioned a few weeks ago.

But, sometimes, I just need to let the trolls be.

I saw a couple of topics that I wanted to spout on, but as we've lamented before, we lack the ability to debate appropriately.

No, my head hurts at the thought of approaching topics, and that's unfortunate.

It's sad.

Sad that we can't talk about things -- real or otherwise.

What we learn, whether it's sports or otherwise, is that minds generally won't get changed, even when presented with facts.

Anyway, I've had this case of writer's block all night.

So I'll finish this post with a podcast that just hit.

Mike Hirn had me on his show Play by Play Stories to talk about my career and anything else. It's a smooth conversation between friends that we recorded recently.

Download it here.
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