Wednesday, May 22, 2019

In a Flash

I saw the sign:

Road Work
3 Mile Delay

Sigh. Just another day in Ned Lamont's Connecticut.

There's a rant buried herein about tolls, but there are others who speak far more informed than I do. I'm just a dopey sports broadcaster.

I saw the line of vehicles as I approached the Mianus River Bridge heading towards Old Greenwich on Interstate 95. It was the usual combination of trucks, cars, SUV's, motorcycles and so on.

Again, just another day.

As I slowed up, I saw it in my mirror. It was a black Volkswagen -- probably a Jetta -- swerving and swaying from the left lane into the center, with a target on me.

I wondered if I should fly into the right lane. The left was occupied.

A quick decision was needed, and it actually looked like momentum would move him into the right lane.

I stayed, and braced, with my foot ready to gun the engine as necessary.

Would he flip over? Would there be an impact with me?

I don't think my life actually flashed before my eyes, but "Oh s**t!" went through my brain.

Then it all settled down. He got control of the car and put himself in traffic behind me.

I began to do a mental inventory. All was fine.

The driver was young. Probably a college student, based on the UConn parking permit in the front window. He wore a backward baseball hat and a tie-dye T-shirt.

He seemed nonplussed about the whole thing.

I, on the other hand, was still a little shaky.

He continued to stay in the lane behind me as we sat in traffic, watching vehicles weave to get an advantage.

So was our wayward Volkswagen on his phone and didn't see the vehicle stopped ahead of him in the left lane?

Did the car in front of him stop short?

Does it matter?

Since all ended well, I suppose the answer is no.

It's amazing how it can all look bad in a flash and then totally swing back the other way.

I've got the FCIAC Championship baseball game tonight. I'll be there.

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