Thursday, August 13, 2009

Virginia Tech Notes

I have an interest in Virginia Tech sports. Some of it dates back to the tragedy there two yeas ago, and the Yankees' response to it.

I've said for some time that I'm a college sports free agent. I still love Pitt (dating back to the Marino days) but I don't feel a tie there. Still have high regards for Syracuse, UConn, North Carolina, and yes, Duke, but nothing that would indicate any kind of fanaticism. I loved St. John's hoops but lost a lot of respect for them with their Redmen/Red Storm switch, and the post-Carnesecca disasters.

So at this point, I'm liking VA Tech. We'll see if fandom develops. Let's call this the feeling out stage. Anywho, here are some random items for you:

Darren Evans, a starter in the Hokie backfield, is gone for the year with a knee injury. That's 1265 yards lost there.

The Hokies take silly pictures, and Deadspin is all too happy to take note.

Oh yeah, and since most everybody seems to dislike Greg Paulus, how about a large poster that adorns the new practice facility in Blacksburg, showing Paulus getting a nice version of in-your-face. Thanks again to Deadspin.

By the way, nice work by Deadpin's AJ Daulerio and former Deadpin leader Will Leitch, as I caught them filling in for Dan Patrick on DP's show as I was driving to Troy on Tuesday. It wasn't that they did a great job on the radio; it was that they openly discussed Deadspin's handling of the Josh Hamilton story (or non-story, your pick). Daulerio was humble in discussing it and it was refreshing - a change from the normal frat boy behavior that goes on over there. I mean, when you need a post to discuss the number of times Drew Magary says the "f" word in a podcast, aren't we dumbing it down just a bit?

For the record, I discussed the Hamilton story the other night during the Gades broadcast. Not a popular opinion,I suppose, but I think it was a story since Hamilton had a press conference to discuss it himself. With Josh having played at Dutchess Stadium, I felt not only was it a story, but I had a responsibility to talk about it. If you disagree, fine. I wouldn't change it, or how I handled it.

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