Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tune Your Web Browser

If you're near a streaming computer this morning (and really, they all stream), why don't you point your browser here for the big farewell to the 2008 football season.

Tim Parry will preside as master of ceremonies (or some big fancy-schmancy title) and Matt Levine and I will play the humble Katos to his Green Hornet.

Or something like that.

It will be a jam-packed hour of guests, talk, laughs, and tears (OK, I'm stretching here). We'll be live from 9-10 AM, but fear not...the show will be archived so you can hear our soulful voices whenever your heart desires.

While I'm self-promoting (or promoting things from Parry Industries), head over to Tim's professional blog for his post about Waffle House! Tim asked if he could link back to "Exit 55" (since we've discussed the insane goodness that is "The House") and I was more than happy to say "yes."

As someone who had worked in marketing for a long time (and would probably go back), I think Tim's points are perfect.

Boy, some Waffle House would be far better than the granola bar I just ate.

Oh, and know I'd make the trip to Allentown for some Waffle House (that's the closest one to the metro-New York area). Roadtrip? Roadfood? Heck...YES!

You're talking to a guy here that drove New York State Route 52 from end to end last Monday just...because. And all I had was a meatball marinara wedge from a Subway inside a Walmart in Matamoras, PA. Not the world's best roadfood.


Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that when the time limit for the Blog Talk Radio shows come up close, they will cut off them; like today and play the music even though Tim was still talking haha

Good Show Rob! Definitely interesting also.

I still am a little surprised that no Greenwich Cardinal was nominated for any of the awards. Shocking that New Caanan ran the table with them haha


Rob Adams said...

Glad to know at least one person was listening!

Blog Talk Radio is cool but you do get what you pay for (since it's free).

I thought we had a good show, and that might be the lineup for 2009 as well.

After hearing how many records Matt Grant set, he should have been in the conversation for player of the year, but there were a lot of good receivers.